Why Plagiarism-Free Content is Important for Your Website?

Why Plagiarism-Free Content is Important for Your Website?

Plagiarism free content is crucial if you intend to market your company website or app. It is due to the reason that plagiarism free content gives your website originality and help in developing an audience. On the other hand, if the content is plagiarised then the content will not get ranked and will lose credibility. Due to this, originality of content is important.

However, there are a number of reasons that create consequences for websites if there is plagiarism in the content of the website. The details of these factors are given below.

So before we start, there is a free plagiarism checking tool, Copy Checker that is available online. You can check it out.

Loss of Audience:

The number one consequence of having plagiarised content on websites is the loss of audience. If the content is plagiarised then it is quite possible that you have copied it from some other website. The other website has its content published for its audience. So when you attempt to use the same content, the audience visiting your website cannot relate to it. Plus, if any of the member audience found that the content has been copied from another website. Then, whatever credibility that you have established through your product will come to question. Your audience will refer you to a duplicate and start distrusting the platform as well. Also, make sure you use a plagiarism checker for all of your writings.

Loss of Ranking in Search Engines:

Search engines rankings are based on established parameters that every content has to follow. Among one such parameter is the originality of the content. This implies that whenever you upload something plagiarised the content will automatically get penalised by the search engine and the ranking it was to achieve will simply be discarded by the search engines. The procedure is followed by all the search engines and Google has particularly strict policies regarding plagiarism of the content. When it comes to matters of plagiarism, it seems that Google is taking a tougher stance. Copycats are good for business, but when it comes to the world of SEO, then there’s no room for shortcuts. So always have your back with the help of a free plagiarism checker!

Even worse, it’s not clear how Google plans on dealing with sites that have already been penalised. The company says that it will remove any penalties as soon as possible, but don ‘t expect them to be removed quickly. Google has a habit of waiting for a good long time before addressing these issues.Sites that have been penalised will also have to be monitored by webmasters and content creators. If Google determines that the penalty is still in place after a week, it’s not clear if the penalty will remain in effect or if these sites will have to apply for reconsideration all over again.

Loss of Backlinks:

The next thing that comes with plagiarised content is the loss of backlinks. Backlinks refers to the attachment of your article on other websites. Whatever you write, your content gets traffic and reliability from other websites as well. But, if your content is plagiarised then the other websites will not allow your content to be published on their website.This will limit the growth of your business and will also limit the traffic coming at your websites.

Poor Representation of Brand:

The next major drawback that comes with plagiarism is the poor representation of the brand.Since you have copied the brand from another website then the possibility is zero that the words ampfully describes the vision and prospects of your brand. Whatever you publish is going to drift away from the objectives it has to achieve. As a result, a poor representation of your brand is going to take place which is not the thing you want. Therefore, it is advised to you to keep the content as original and of quality as possible – if you want your brand to stand apart.

How to Upload Original Content, then?

You should hire a content writer for your website. The writer will produce original content and ultimately you can have a good representation of your content. However, if you are short of money or your business is at a small scale then there are some tools that can help your content to be plagiarism free. These tools will help you to create plagiarism free content with the help of just copy-paste of a content that you take from someone else website and paste in the tool. The tool then rephrased the article and removed any plagiarism that is present in the content. An example of such tools is Copychecker You can use the online tool for free and can remove the plagiarism from your content.


As mentioned above, plagiarism free content is very important. It gives authenticity and reliability for users that they are getting the verified information. It serves other purposes as well. Therefore, make sure you double check your plagiarism and upload it with great care.

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