Jobbie Nooner 2023: A Unique Lake St. Clair Tradition

Jobbie Nooner 2023: A Unique Lake St. Clair Tradition

Every year, on a sunny day in late June, the tranquil waters of Lake St. Clair in Michigan transform into a vibrant spectacle known as Jobbie Nooner. This annual event has earned a reputation as one of the most spirited and boisterous boat parties in the region, drawing boating enthusiasts, revelers, and locals for a day of fun on the water.

The origin of the event dates back several decades, initially starting as a small gathering among friends and gradually evolving into a larger celebration. Jobbie Nooner typically takes place on Gull Island, an uninhabited spot on Lake St. Clair, where boats of all sizes converge, adorned with colorful decorations and eager attendees.

The essence of Jobbie Nooner lies in its festive and carefree atmosphere. Participants deck out their vessels with banners, flags, and sometimes elaborate themes, turning the lake into a floating carnival. Music fills the air as boats cluster together, forming a floating community of camaraderie and jubilation.

While the event primarily revolves around boating and socializing, it also features various activities such as swimming, water sports, and leisurely cruising around the lake. Attendees often enjoy picnics, barbecues, and an array of refreshments while basking in the summer sun.

Jobbie Nooner’s popularity has grown over the years, attracting a diverse crowd from different parts of the country. However, the event also emphasizes safety, encouraging responsible boating behavior and adherence to maritime laws to ensure everyone’s well-being.

Furthermore, the event organizers and local authorities regularly stress the importance of environmental conservation, urging attendees to respect the lake and its surroundings by disposing of trash properly and minimizing any negative impact on the ecosystem.


As the sun sets on Jobbie Nooner, participants slowly begin their journey back, cherishing the memories of a day filled with laughter, camaraderie, and the unique experience of being part of a vibrant aquatic festival. Jobbie Nooner continues to be a celebration that encapsulates the spirit of summer, fostering a sense of community and adventure amidst the beautiful waters of Lake St. Clair.