What you Need in a Chemo Care Package


Chemotherapy can be an uncomfortable process and have some weird effects on your body. However, if you plan well before treatment and make a chemo care kit, you will have everything you need handy, and you’ll also be comfortable throughout the process. You can also put a chemo care package together for a loved one before they start chemotherapy.

Contents that should be in a Chemo Care Package

These contents can be used during and after treatment, and we will be breaking them into categories.

Clothing and Sleepwear

  • Soft, comfortable loungewear to be worn during or after treatment
  • Head warmer or cap to protect against cold or in case of hair loss.
  • Thick blanket or scarf, as well as for post-infusion cold.
  • Ear plugs, for sleeping.

Food and Drinks 

  • Candies, ginger or peppermint tea for nausea alleviation
  • Simple foods that are high in fiber and easy to digest, including applesauce, saltines, and protein bars.
  • A water bottle, to be used for hydrating during chemotherapy and after.

Items to use during infusions

  • A comfortable neck pillow
  • Pain medication and recommended drugs
  • Tissue packs
  • Mints
  • Sanitizing wipes for cleaning objects and surfaces.
  • A backpack or simple bag to carry anything needed during your infusions

Body and Oral Health and Hygiene

  • Toothbrush (especially a soft brush for sensitive mouths and gums, or if your mouth is sore following chemo treatment.)
  • Mouth rinse for relief of dry mouth.
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Hypoallergenic (unscented) bath soap
  • Body lotion.
  • Lip balm
  • Sunscreen, to protect the body from sun damage, especially as chemo increases the skin’s sensitivity to the sun.
  • Eye drops for dry eyes.
  • Digital thermometer

Entertainment and Relaxation

  • Hardcopy, softcopy, and audiobooks
  • Magazines
  • Audio or video streaming subscription service
  • Games and puzzles
  • Smartphones, tablets, as well as headphones or earbuds can be used as listening devices.

A book of Best Wishes/Encouragements

You can go the extra mile to put a smile on the face of that dear family, friend, or loved one of yours, and a scrapbook or a book of encouragement is one way to go. There are several motivational books, devotionals, and encouraging books out there, and you can add them to the Chemo Care Package.

You can also create a book or journal of wishes, where friends, family, and well-wishers can write notes of encouragement, love, and support to their loved one who is undergoing treatment. A memento book or a picture album would be a great item of support and encouragement to the patient when undergoing chemotherapy and even after.

Final Thoughts

These tips can help you ensure that whether you’re preparing a chemo care package for a loved one, you have everything you need for a smooth and stress-free process.

Always put in sincere thoughts and consideration when preparing a chemo care package for a loved one or friend because it will communicate your thoughts and feelings.

Bear in mind that, alongside this care package, you need to be present and show as much love and support to the person who is going through cancer treatment because it goes a long way to help them recover fast.

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