Visit These Top 5 Pet-Friendly Restaurants/Dehradun Hotels With Your Furry Friends

Are you considering a summer trip to Dehradun but still determining whether or not to bring your pet? Vacations are altered when we leave our animal companions in pet crèches. That distresses us, especially when they return home riddled with ticks and in a terrible condition.

However, you may rejoice because you can now arrange a trip to Dehradun without looking for a pet crèche for your furry friends. We have combed the Internet to compile a list of the finest Dehradun hotels and resorts that are pet-friendly because they, too, deserve some enjoyment.

Imagine exploring the treasures of Dehradun with your snuggle buddy, going on exciting treks with them, or taking photos with at the most picturesque sites in the hill town! Now go ahead and bring your pet companion along for the trip.

Top 5 pet-friendly hotels in Dehradun

Listed below is the list of the top 5 pet-friendly Dehradun hotels for pet parents.

1.   Forest Country Home

If you seek a tranquil hotel in Dehradun where you may spend countless hours with your dog or cat, the Forest Country House may be your best option. The hospitable, clean, and inviting assisted living facility is situated in a beautiful location within Dehradun’s stunning surroundings. Here, you may make up for missed time with your pets by spending quality time with them. Spend a relaxing holiday while using the hotel’s service and amenities. This hotel lavishes its guests and pets with homelike accommodations, round-the-clock care, delectable meals, and absolute solitude.

2.   TerraWoods

Wouldn’t it be lovely to camp in style with your pets? Yeah, that is also achievable in India! TerraWoods offers opulent camping amenities in Dehradun to pet-loving travellers who appreciate nature and the outdoors. Visitors are afforded opulent tents with patios and breathtaking views of the beautiful Himalayas. Each unit features two single folding beds, private bathrooms, a fan, a refrigerator, an electric kettle, and many other in-room comforts ideal for families and big parties, as well as ample space for your dogs to roam. Imagine creating memories with your closest animal companion amid nature through nature tours, hiking, and other outdoor pursuits.

3.   Green View Doon

Green View Doon provides reasonable accommodations for pet-travelling visitors. The hotel is conveniently positioned among Dehradun’s enchanting beauty. Each accommodation is comfortable, large, and stylishly built with contemporary conveniences and fittings and opens to a breathtaking view of the Doon valleys. Green View Doon is one of the most pet-friendly Dehradun hotels, regardless of whether you want to tour the charming hill station, spend time with your furry friend in a local park, or relax in your room.

4.   Hotel Ashrey

Another budget-friendly Dehradun hotel that allows dogs at no additional cost. Hotel Ashrey offers modern, air-conditioned rooms with basic amenities and world-class amenities such as spa treatments, an on-site café, a restaurant, a small store, a business centre, and more. They also have a vast garden space for your dogs to enjoy some outdoor activities.

5.   The Natural Abode

The Natural Abode, as its name indicates, is situated in the embrace of Mother Nature. This pet-friendly accommodation is spread out across a vast area with a lovely garden and picturesque views of Dehradun, where your children and pets may play to their hearts’ delight. This hotel features, among other amenities, a children’s playground, restaurant, shared kitchen, outdoor fireplace, and parking.

Similarly, you may visit the pet-friendly Bowwow Café and Hotel Ashrey & Sagar Restaurant with your pet. Bring your furry friends along on some of your Dehradun excursions or explore the city while they are napping.

Top 5 best places to stay in Dehradun

Tourists choose hotels in various Dehradun neighbourhoods depending on their preferences and budget. These are some of the most famous hotel selection locations in Dehradun, according to travellers:

1.   Rajpur Road

This is one of the most popular locations in Dehradun, with several hotels, restaurants, and retail establishments. It is in the city centre and provides convenient access to the most popular tourist sites.

2.   Mussoorie Road

This location is ideal for a tranquil and calm atmosphere. It is situated on the city’s outskirts and provides spectacular mountain views. In this location, several resorts and homestays give pleasant lodgings.

3.   Clement Town

This is an additional pleasant and tranquil neighbourhood on the outskirts of Dehradun. It is renowned for its rich vegetation and serene environs. Several lodgings in this region are affordable and give a good stay.

4.   Sahastradhara Road

This region is renowned for its natural hot springs and breathtaking scenery. It is situated a few kilometres from the city centre and provides a tranquil stay surrounded by nature. There are several resorts and hotels in this region that offer excellent accommodations.

5.   Paltan Bazar

Paltan Bazar is one of Dehradun’s busiest locations as it is in the middle of the city and provides various affordable lodging options. It is an excellent alternative for those who like exploring the local lifestyle and culture.

Dehradun has a variety of hotel alternatives to accommodate all budgets and interests. It is advisable to reserve a room in advance to ensure availability and prevent last-minute hiccups, especially during the high tourist season.

Treebo Dehradun Hotels

Several Treebo Dehradun hotels are pet-friendly. Here are some options.

  • Treebo Trend K Blessings
  • Treebo Trend GK residency
  • Treebo Trend Grand Legacy Elite
  • Treebo Trend Blessing Bells
  • Itsy By Treebo – Krishna Heights
  • Treebo Trend Calista
  • Treebo Trend Kanopy Greens
  • Treebo Trend Grand Legacy Shahenshah
  • Itsy By Treebo – Paras Tower
  • Treebo Trend Pearl Avenue
  • Treebo Trend Jungle View Retreat
  • Itsy By Treebo – Studioz

You should check with the hotel about their pet policies and any extra charges that could incurred before booking a reservation.

Top 6 reasons why you should select a Treebo Hotel in Dehradun

There are several reasons why you would choose Treebo Dehradun hotels. Treebo hotels recognised for providing quality lodging, with comfortable, well-maintained rooms outfitted with modern amenities to guarantee a pleasurable stay. Treebo Dehradun hotels are in easily accessible areas close to popular tourist destinations.

1.   Excellent service

Treebo hotels delight in providing visitors with competent and friendly service. They strive to offer each guest a pleasant and comfortable stay.

2.   Affordable prices

Treebo hotels feature budget-friendly rates, making them a good option for travellers on a low budget.

3.   Safety and cleanliness

Treebo hotels adhere to rigorous safety and cleaning standards to ensure their guests’ safety and health.

4.   Excellent ratings

Treebo Dehradun hotels have gotten great feedback from previous guests, indicating that they provide a pleasant experience for travellers.

5.   Complimentary freebies

Treebo hotels include complimentary breakfast, free Internet, and room service, among other amenities.

6.   Safety and security

Treebo hotels prioritise the safety and security of their guests, including CCTV cameras, secure locks, and 24-hour front desk service.

Overall, Treebo Dehradun hotels might be a good choice for individuals needing quality lodgings, friendly staff, and cheap rates.

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