Toshiba NB205: All You Need To Know

Introducing the Toshiba NB205 laptop— an effortless and economical way to experience unique features to get your work done. The NB205 is equipped with an Intel Atom N270 Processor, 10.1″ widescreen display, and a host of other customizable features. This laptop is perfect for everyday computing needs. From power saving options to an extended battery life, this laptop is the perfect companion for everyday tasks. Read on to discover all the features the NB205 has to offer.

Overview of the Toshiba NB205

The Toshiba NB205 is a lightweight and simple laptop designed for everyday computing needs. It has an 11.6″ widescreen HD display, an Intel Atom N270 Processor with HyperThreading technology, 1GB RAM, and a 160GB hard drive. The NB205 is available in three colors—black, yellow and blue—with several multimedia features. It has three USB ports, a headphone jack, a card reader and an HDMI port for connecting to external devices. It also has an integrated Ethernet port for connecting to the internet.

Operating System and Processor

The Toshiba NB205 laptop runs on a Windows XP operating system, and is equipped with an Intel Atom N270 processor. The Atom N270 is a 64-bit processor with HyperThreading-enabled technology, which enables the computer to run faster and more efficiently than other laptops. This processor also allows for better multitasking, allowing for multiple tasks to be performed at the same time without slowing down the system.

Connectivity and Storage

The Toshiba NB205 laptop comes equipped with a 160GB hard drive, capable of storing up to 10,000 songs or 5,000 photos. It has three USB ports, a headphone jack, a card reader and an HDMI port, which allows you to connect external devices to the laptop. It also includes wireless connectivity, allowing you to access the internet wirelessly, and bluetooth capability, allowing you to connect to wireless devices such as headsets and speakers.

Battery Life and Design

The Toshiba NB205 laptop has an impressive battery life of up to 6 hours, allowing you to take it with you on the go without worrying about running out of juice. This laptop also boasts a slim and lightweight design, allowing for maximum portability. It has an 11.6″ LED backlight display, which provides crisp and vivid images, and a full-sized keyboard, making it easy to type.


If the Toshiba NB205 does not meet your needs, there are several alternative laptops available on the market. These include the Asus Eee PC, Acer Aspire One and Dell Inspiron Mini 10. All of these laptops offer similar features and have a variety of operating systems, processors and storage options. They also have a range of connectivity and battery life options, allowing you to find the perfect laptop for your needs.

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