Stamos Group’s Ransomwhere 32M PageTechCrunch

Stamos Group's Ransomwhere 32M PageTechCrunch

Stamos Group’s Ransomwhere 32M PageTechCrunch, an internet security firm, recently experienced a ransomware attack on its 32 million page website. The attack was discovered by the renowned tech media site, TechCrunch. This article will discuss the attack and the measures being taken to secure the website.

Overview of the Attack

The ransomware attack on the Stamos Group website was discovered by TechCrunch. The attack was initiated by a malicious actor who exploited a vulnerability in the website’s code to gain access to the site.

The malicious actor then encrypted the website and held it for ransom, demanding an undisclosed sum of money for the site’s release. The attack was particularly concerning for the Stamos Group as it posed a significant risk to the security of the website and its users’ data.

The Role of TechCrunch

TechCrunch, the renowned tech media site, played a major role in uncovering the attack. Once the attack was discovered, TechCrunch immediately notified the Stamos Group, which was able to take immediate action to secure the website. Thanks to TechCrunch, the attack was quickly identified and the website was secured before any significant damage could be done.

Steps Taken to Secure the Website

The Stamos Group took a number of steps to secure the website following the attack. First, they identified the vulnerability that was exploited by the malicious actor and patched it. Second, they implemented additional security measures, such as two-factor authentication, to protect the website from future attacks. Finally, they conducted a thorough audit of the website’s code to ensure that there were no other vulnerabilities that could be exploited in the future.


Stamos Group’s Ransomwhere 32M PageTechCrunch incident that could have resulted in significant damage to the website and its users’ data. Fortunately, the attack was identified and thwarted thanks to the quick action of TechCrunch. The Stamos Group has now taken the necessary steps to secure the website and ensure that similar attacks do not occur in the future.

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