135m Series Sofina 35m Series Septemberlomastechcrunch

135m Series Sofina 35m Series Septemberlomastechcrunch

Sofina Series, a leading venture capital fund, recently closed two funds – the 135m Series and the 35m Series – in quick succession during 135m Series Sofina 35m Series Septemberlomastechcrunch the funds, which have already begun investing in the latest technologies and startups in the industry. This recent news is a sign that the venture capital landscape is continuing to expand and evolve despite the difficult economic climate. Read on to find out more about the successful fundraise and the goals of the Sofina Series venture funds.

Overview of the Sofina Series 135m and 35m Funds

The 135m Series and the 35m Series are two venture funds launched by Sofina Series, one of the leading venture capital funds in the industry. The 135m Series has a total amount of $135 million and was launched in early September 2020. It focuses on investing in global late-stage scaling startups, with a focus on growth and impact. The 35m Series is a followup fund launched soon after the 135m Series, with a total of $35 million. It looks to invest in early-stage ventures, with a focus on supporting innovative technologies with potential to scale globally.

Investment Goals of the Sofina Series Funds

The 135m Series and 35m Series Funds look to leverage the knowledge and experience of the venture capital fund’s team to identify and invest in the best technology companies and startups. The two funds have been welcomed as an important step towards providing longer-term, patient capital to innovative startups. Both funds are focused on the technology sector and will focus on the current major technological trends, such as FinTech, HealthTech, CleanTech, and DeFi.

Raising the Combined Total of $135m

135m Series Sofina 35m Series Septemberlomastechcrunch Funds recently closed successfully, with a total capital raise of $135 million. This successful fundraise is a sign of the increasing investment in venture capital and the confidence of investors in the growth of the sector. The fund has already begun investing in some of the cutting-edge technology startups, positioning them as a key player in the venture capital landscape.

Goals of the Sofina Series Funds

The goal of the Sofina Series is not only to provide capital to startups and technology companies, but also to create a community of entrepreneurs and investors through collaboration. The fund looks to invest not only in companies but in platforms and networks that support innovative companies, with the aim of creating new and improved products and services. It is also hoping to unlock access to capital for underrepresented and neglected communities, allowing for innovation to be driven playing a major role in the local economy.

Potential Impact and Future of Sofina Series

Sofina Series has recently become one of the leading players in the venture capital scene. Its successful fundraise is a sign that the venture capital landscape is continuing to expand and evolve. Sofina Series has already started to invest in the tech sector and has plans to further expand the number of investments in the coming year. As a major venture capital fund, Sofina Series has the potential to play a large role in the industry, potentially contributing to the success of many startups.


In summary, Sofina raised a total of 135 million euros in a series of 35 million euros in September, according to TechCrunch. This is significant news as it marks a major capital injection for the company as it looks to continue its successful growth trajectory. With this influx of funding, Sofina can invest in new projects and expand its operations, allowing it to reach yet more users and open new opportunities for itself and its partners.

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