Glossary of Digital Marketing

Glossary of Digital Marketing

The Internet has been involved day by day and with it, more opportunities of Digital Marketing have appeared for professionals. However, there are specific terms that you need to know

More and more people are looking for unique experiences and personalized products and attending. With the several shops and stores, they want to know something different that makes sense for them.

The companies are looking for the market and seeing it as a necessity, once it becomes a way to highlight the competition. That is why brands are looking more and more for a marketing specialist or a digital agency that can think of a strategy to become reference in the market and attract more clients and customers.

The marketing’s market is huge and there are plenty of opportunities. After all, it is an area that has grown, and the tendency is to grow even more. Besides that, the area can act in different areas of expertise, such as Results, Social Media, Ecommerce, among others. However, in order to work in the area, there are some terms you need to know.

Call To Action (CTA)

At one point in life, everybody already received a newsletter or a marketing email from a company or brand. Usually, these emails come with a button to buy something or to know more on their website. This button is an example of a Call To Action.

Call To Action is literally a request to the customer to do something, whether to buy or access your website or even subscribe to your newsletter. This is not necessarily made through a button, it can be a simple sentence, a banner or a verbal request.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

When a person searches for something on their phone, they can get a million results in seconds. Usually the user does not pass the first page of results. So how to get relevant to the search platform and your website appear in the first page? Through SEO.

Search Engine Optimization is a marketing strategy to rank your website on a Google Search Page without paying for it. Besides showing your relevance, the SEO work can bring more organic traffic for your website and more potential clients, once the strategy consists in a target.

The SEO work consists in making an analysis of keywords attached to your business and optimizing it with your website. Also, it is important that your website is updated and performing well. After all, that is essential to the viewer being on your website.

Brand equity

Choosing what brand to use or to buy is a challenge, once daily new brands and companies are created. One of the decision points for the customers is buying from a brand that matches the same values as them. This is what brand equity sets.

Brand equity means the value of the brand. What they believe in, the causes they defend and the matter of the brand to their customers. All of this is attached to the company’s identity.

Buyer persona

If your company was a person, what would they look like? That is exactly what a buyer persona is. Created based on market research, the buyer persona looks for the customers and defines the average.

Once this is done, you can do marketing plans specific and personalized to your target. You are going to know their age, what they like to do, what social media they use, how they spend their time and what places they usually go by. Your marketing plan needs to use buyer persona as basis.


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