900m 70m Series General 660m Lundentechcrunch

900m 70m Series General 660m Lundentechcrunch

900m 70m Series General 660m Lundentechcrunch has made waves in the industry due to their remarkable ability to seal deals. In 2020 alone, they have closed a series of high-profile investments in companies such as the 70-Series and General 660m. To date, these deals add up to a whopping $900 million. In this article, we’ll take a look at these deals, how they were made, and the implications for the industry.

Background: What is Lundentechcrunch

Lundentechcrunch is a venture capital firm with a diverse portfolio of investments. Established in 2017, Lundentechcrunch has invested in a variety of companies across different industries. They have made a name for themselves in the industry for their savvy investments and financial prowess.

70-Series Deal

Details of the Deal

900m 70m Series General 660m Lundentechcrunch closed a deal to invest $400 million in the 70-Series. This is the firm’s largest investment to date and one of the largest investments of its kind. The investment was made in order to facilitate the growth of the startup’s flagship operating system, the 70-Series OS.

Motivation behind the Deal

The motivation behind the 70-Series deal is to allow the startup to scale quickly. Lundentechcrunch believes that the 70-Series OS can revolutionize the industry if it is given the opportunity to expand.

General 660m Deal

Details of the Deal

In August 2020, Lundentechcrunch closed another major deal to invest $500 million in General 660m. This is another record-breaking deal for the company and another major industry milestone. This is the largest investment ever made in the company and its flagship product, the General 660m Device.

Motivation behind the Deal

Lundentechcrunch’s motivation behind investing in General 660m was to provide the company with the funds required to quickly expand. General 660m is seen as a potential game-changer in the tech industry and Lundentechcrunch wants to capitalize on that potential.

Implications of These Deals

These two deals have major implications for the industry as a whole. Firstly, they signal a shift in the venture capital industry away from traditional, conservative investments into more ambitious investments.

Secondly, they provide startups with the funds they require to scale quickly and compete in the tech industry. This is great news for startups as it removes some of the strains of acquiring capital that they have previously faced.

Finally, these deals highlight Lundentechcrunch’s commitment to backing of innovative and revolutionary products. The company has shown that it is willing to go the extra mile and invest heavily in startups that have the potential to disrupt the status quo.


In closing, it’s clear that Lundentechcrunch is a major force in the venture capital industry. The company has made significant strides recently with their investments in the 70-Series and General 660m deals. These deals total a whopping $900 million and have major implications for the industry and small business startups.

The company remains committed to supporting innovation and their investments in 70-Series and General 660m demonstrate just that. Moreover, these investments provide startups with the funds and resources required to grow quickly and compete in the industry.

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