Neo4j 325m Eurazeo 2b Crichtontechcrunch

Neo4j 325m Eurazeo 2b Crichtontechcrunch

Neo4j, the leading property graph database company, recently announced that it has raised €325 million in a new funding round led by Eurazeo and 2B. Crichton, a British software development leader, is joining forces with Neo4j to power the growth of this new investment. This significant round of investment marks a milestone for Neo4j, as the company looks for innovative ways to address real-world customer challenges with their property graph database.

Neo4j: An Overview

Neo4j is a leading provider of property graph database technology. The company’s goal is to help organizations quickly gain insights from highly connected data with the help of their graph database. The database quickly and easily integrates complex relationships from data sets, connecting elements and exposing otherwise hidden insights. It offers a range of different solutions such as Enterprise, Community, and OEM. In addition, Neo4j provides consulting, training, and support services to its global customer base.

Benefits of Property Graph Database Technology

A property graph database allows users to analyze the complexity and the relationship between different items in a variety of ways. By utilizing data sets, it eliminates the need to build out a complicated model to showcase intricately connected elements. Additionally, it enables organizations to tap into new data sources and quickly gain insights in order to propel customer engagement and business growth.

Neo4j’s Partnership with Crichton

Neo4j has recently teamed up with UK software development specialist Crichton. Crichton is known for creating advanced digital solutions that enable customers to succeed in a rapidly changing digital environment. The two organizations have partnered to enable customers to quickly access insights for a range of use cases such as customer relationship, marketing automation, and e-commerce.

Eurazeo and 2B Invest €325 Million in Neo4j

The €325 million investment in Neo4j will allow the company to rapidly scale their property graph database solutions and fuel their growth. Eurazeo, one of the leading investment companies in Europe with a strong focus on technology, is the lead investor in the Series H funding round. Along with 2B, a global venture capital firm, the two investors have provided their support to Neo4j and their mission to drive value for customers across a range of industries.

V. Neo4j’s Roadmap for the Future

Neo4j is focused on delivering innovative solutions to its customers and partners. In the near future, the company is looking to expand it’s database offerings and double-down on industry collaboration. With the new funding round boost, Neo4j is paying greater attention to customer engagement and will continue to build solutions that allow customers to quickly gain insights and make smarter decisions.

the company is actively exploring ways to enhance its products, application integrations, data capabilities, and training materials. The company also sees its products as platforms that can help create an interconnected experience for customers and partners through the use of property graph databases.

Overall, Neo4j is well-positioned to capitalize on its newfound financing to further expand its services, helping customers to leverage the power of property graph databases to unlock insights from their data.


Neo4j’s recent $325M investment from Eurazeo and 2B CrichtonTech is poised to be a significant step forward for the company as it sets out to make its powerful graph databases more accessible to a wider range of industries. With this new capital injection, Neo4j looks to improve its infrastructure and tap into the massive potential of graph databases in the coming years. With the growth of connected data, more and more businesses are expected to rely on graph technology to streamline their processes and gain a competitive edge. Neo4j’s strategic alliance with Eurazeo and 2B CrichtonTech shows that graph technology is here to stay, and with big data getting bigger, that trend is likely to continue for many years to come.

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