Munich-Based $112 Million Series  Partnersbutchertechcrunch

Munich-Based $112 Million Series  Partnersbutchertechcrunch

Munich-Based $112 Million Series  Partnersbutchertechcrunch A round, led by online butcher shop Butcher Box. This news was recently reported by TechCrunch, the world-renowned technology blog. This venture round holds the promise of exciting developments in the future, as the firm has already made substantial investments in the retail, catering and healthcare sectors. In this article, we will discuss the details of the venture round and its implications for the tech industry.

Overview of the Venture Round

To begin, let’s look at the specifics of the venture round. The Munich-based venture capital firm managed to raise a total of $112 million in its recent Series A efforts, with both local and international investors contributing. This marks the firm’s first major venture round.

The total amount of funding has been invested in various tech startups in the retail, catering and healthcare sectors. Companies that have so far benefited from the venture round include Mmkt, Cobrain and LeanTec, who are all focused on the digitization of the retail industry. Particularly striking was the entrance of the healthtech startup, Vitlify, to the investor list, as they achieved a valuation of $140 million.

This investment marks a major success for the venture capital firm, who have been in the space since 2020. Since then, they have made bets on an array of promising companies in the tech industry, with this Series A venture round being their most notable effort yet.

Implications of the Venture Round

The successful close of this Series A venture round has certainly caught the attention of investors, both local and international. Not only has the firm managed to attract a considerable amount of capital, but they have also demonstrated a flair for identifying promising growth companies. This puts them in contention with established global names such as Sequoia Capital and Insight Partners who have backed several unicorns in the tech sector.

Moreover, the venture round is an encouraging sign for startup founders, as the firm is clearly looking beyond the usual suspects in their portfolio. For example, the entrance of the healthtech startup highlights their willingness to invest in emerging markets, making the venture round more significant in its scope.

Butcher Box’s Involvement

Interestingly, the venture round was spearheaded by the online butcher shop, Butcher Box. This marks the first time a non-tech involved investor is leading a venture round in Europe. Butcher Box is driven by an aim to make the supply of quality meats and proteins more accessible to consumers, and they are leveraging their investor status to support tech startups in the retail and catering industry.


In conclusion, the successful close of this $112 million Series A round is a major milestone for the Munich-based venture capital firm. Not only have they achieved an impressive sum of capital, but they have also demonstrated a strong intuition for growth companies in the tech space. Beyond this, the venture round was initiated by an unlikely investor in the form of Butcher Box, further highlighting its significance. All of these factors point to a thrilling future for this venture capital firm and the companies they have invested in.

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