An Introduction : R7 A Fazenda

An Introduction : R7 A Fazenda

R7 A Fazenda is a Brazilian television show based on the American TV show The Farm. The show combines elements of reality TV and game shows, and has become one of the most watched programs in Brazil since its premiere in 2008. This article will provide an introduction to R7 A Fazenda, including its premise, format, and contestants.

Overview of R7 A Fazenda

R7 A Fazenda is a Brazilian reality television show based on The Farm, a Swedish television show. The show first aired on August 25, 2008 and is now a staple program on the Rede Record network. Every week, a group of contestants is brought together on a farm, left completely isolated for up to 12 weeks with no outside contact and no connection to the outside world.

The goal of the show is to have the contestants work together to complete various tasks, competing with each other to be named the winner of the ‘Fazenda’, or farm, at the end. The winner will receive a cash prize depending on how long they were on the show and how many tasks they managed to complete.

Format of the Show

Like its American counterpart, A Fazenda  R7 is divided into two groups: those living in the Fazenda and those living in the village. The contestants living in the Fazenda are tasked with completing the various tasks and challenges set by the show’s producers. They are also responsible for maintaining the farm and harvesting the crop.

Meanwhile, the villagers are responsible for providing the Fazenda contestants with food, clothing, and other necessities. They also have the opportunity to compete with the Fazenda contestants for the grand prize.

Every week, the contestants must compete in a series of challenges and games. The winner of each challenge will receive a prize, such as a luxury trip or a sizable amount of money. Once all of the tasks have been completed, the contestants must then vote for one of the remaining contestants to be eliminated from the show.

Contestants of R7 A Fazenda

Each season of R7 A Fazenda usually features a mix of celebrities from various industries, including actors, musicians, models, reality TV personalities, and athletes. The show’s producers also invite a number of unknown contestants to join the show, which adds an element of surprise for the viewers.

The contestants must compete for a total of 12 weeks, depending on the number of contestants. At the end of the competition, the winner will receive a cash prize and the title of ‘Fazendeiro’, or Farmer.

Popularity of the Show

Since its debut in 2008, R7 A Fazenda has become a staple program of the Rede Record network, with millions of viewers tuning in every week. The show has become one of the most popular reality shows in Brazil, and is still going strong twelve years later.

The show has also become a hit in other countries, such as Mexico, Colombia, and Argentina. The success of the show has spawned a number of spin-off programs, including spin-offs featuring celebrity contestants and fan-favorite contestants from past seasons.


R7 A Fazenda is a Brazilian reality TV show that has become a hit with viewers all over the world. The show has a unique format, contestants, and challenges that make it a popular choice for viewers. The show has even spawned a number of spin-off programs, which have further increased its popularity. If you’re looking for a unique and entertaining show, R7 A Fazenda is definitely worth watching.

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