What Are the Parts of a Wheelchair?


Push Handle Push Handle The push Handles are situated at the rear part of the wheel. The handles are made of rubber to allow them to be more comfortable for pushing the chair.

The armrests are attached to the frame at two points and are made to be extremely sturdy. There are two kinds of armrests that are full length as well as Desk length.

The length extends all the space from behind of frame up to the top of the frame. It provides the user with more gripping space to help them during transfers.

The brakes situated on the rear wheels are large and are usually located at the front of the wheel, next to the seat’s bottom. They allow the wheels to remain secured to stop the chair from shifting.

Parts of an Electric Wheelchair

In the majority of cases, the components of a lumbuy electric wheelchair are identical to manual wheelchairs, but there are a few important variations that require periodic maintenance e.g. the cover for electronic batteries and the seatbelt. Below, we will discuss some of the most essential elements that make up an electric chair for you to look over every month.


Joysticks are the most commonly used controller between you and your wheelchair. Problems with the joystick can lead to problems with your wheelchair, cause damage to the electronics, and can put you at risk.

Every month, switch off the controller and check the joystick as well as the rubber boot that runs around the bottom of the joystick to see if there is damage. Check that the joystick can move freely back to neutral and does not get stuck, and verify that the clamp of the controller keeps the joystick securely in its place. 

Charging Port

Without your batteries or your charger port, you could also be in an electric wheelchair! It is through the charging port that the batteries are powered and it’s crucial to use only the charger included with your wheelchair. Also, you should inspect the charging cable every month for wear and wear and tear.

Battery Storage

The majority of power wheelchairs feature an aluminum cover or shroud that protects the battery and electronics of your chair. It is essential to keep the cover on to prevent moisture and dirt from entering your wheelchair which can lead to major problems!

It is recommended to check the plastic shroud or cover of your wheelchair throughout the day. Make sure the shroud or cover is not damaged and intact and does not jiggle when you pull it. If the shroud cover is not in good shape, it puts your electronics and battery at risk.


All lumbuy wheelchairs with power should be equipped with a belt for assistance with pelvic alignment and safety when traveling. Verify that the buckle locks securely and the hardware used to attach the belt is not damaged. 

Folding Mechanism

The red level, also known as the “folding mechanism” is the manually overridden brake so that the brakes on the chair could be manually overridden, and the chair can be moved by hand. This is intended for use in emergency situations only e.g. when the battery is running out of juice in the middle of the road. This is particularly important in the event that the electronic brake system fails to function.

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