Vietnamese Kiotviet smbs 45m kkr 6m

Vietnamese Kiotviet smbs 45m kkr 6m

Vietnamese Kiotviet smbs 45m kkr 6m is the latest beneficiary of a significant investment from global private equity firm KKR. The two companies have announced that KKR has made a $45 million investment into KiotViet to help further its mission in becoming the leading e-commerce and retail technology provider.

This infusion of capital comes after KiotViet has become a successful player in the global technology market.

Overview of the KKR & KiotViet Deal

The agreement between KKR and KiotViet has been signed, with KKR investing a total of $45 million into the Vietnamese technology provider. KiotViet has become a trusted provider of e-commerce and retail technology and is equipped to further develop itself as the leading player in this market.

The $45 million investment is intended to help KiotViet to accelerate growth and secure new customers. The deal has seen a $6 million ‘follow-on’ investment made by KKR, allowing KiotViet access to global resources to help scale the business.

Benefits of KKR’s Investment for KiotViet

This investment into KiotViet will be beneficial to the technology provider on a number of fronts.

Firstly, they will be given access to KKR’s global resources and client base, thereby providing KiotViet with more global visibility.

Secondly, KKR’s investment will give KiotViet the financial freedom it needs to research and develop its retail and e-commerce technology.

Finally, KKR’s extensive network will allow KiotViet to collaborate with other leading global technology providers.

Background & History of KiotViet

KiotViet is headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and was established in 2014. It has gone on to become the leading provider of e-commerce and retail technology in the country.

KiotViet has grown quickly over the past couple of years, achieving strong financial results and winning more than 1000 contracts with global companies. It was this success that attracted the attention of KKR, as KiotViet looked for investment opportunities to take them to the next level.

KKR’s Interest in Asia & Technology

KKR’s investment in KiotViet highlights their focus on technology, which has been evident in the private equity giant’s other investments of late. KKR has recently increased its presence in Asia, investing in companies such as Digidentra and Golden Gate Ventures, as well as launching a fund called KKR Asian Fund II.

This fund is devoted to investing in innovative technology companies in Asia, helping them to realise their true potential.


The $45 million investment from KKR into KiotViet signals the firm’s intent to not only provide the Vietnamese tech provider with the resources to accelerate growth, but to also underscore their commitment to the Asian technology sector.

With support from KKR, KiotViet could go on to become one of the most successful technology providers in the region.

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