Compulsory consumption of these foods in winter

Compulsory consumption of these foods in winter

With the arrival of winter, many people may face many other ailments including allergies.

These include various health problems like allergies, hair fall, dry skin, indigestion, flatulence, and constipation.

To prevent these diseases, it is important to include the following three nutritious ingredients in your diet in winter. These foods will keep you warm and help you enjoy the winter.

The glue

The use of glue is very useful for health, many diseases can be treated through it. It is made from the extract of a tree called google, which has numerous medicinal benefits. It is also called edible gum.

Gum is commonly used in Indian cuisine, especially in vegetables, laddoos, and halwa. Gum is a natural laxative, which ensures that you are able to clean your bowels properly. Basically, it helps improve your gut health.

Also it strengthens bones, it allows bone mineral density. Most importantly, it tastes great and is readily available.

Green garlic

Green garlic is commonly used in sauces, green garlic is also known as green garlic. It contains antioxidants and tastes great.

We spend thousands of rupees on over-the-counter antioxidant medicines but are not interested in using green garlic which is easily available.

This vegetable is second to none in improving blood flow, especially because it improves blood circulation in the brain, which improves brain performance.

The antioxidant present in green garlic is known Iselin. Antioxidants in it improve memory and prevent amnesia, the brain of garlic eaters works better throughout the day than other people.


It is a winter vegetable that is usually pickled. It is rich in fiber and also contains trace minerals like manganese and selenium.

If you spend too much time in front of a screen for work, your eye health can suffer. In this case, the antioxidant lecithin present in turnips provides vitamins for the health of your eyes.

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