How to Fix If One AirPod Is Louder Than The Other

If you’ve AirPods from which one is not working properly and you’re wondering why is one airpod louder than the other then you must read this post. 

There could be many reasons behind this issue like dirt inside your AirPods, outdated iPhone software, damaged AirPods, and many more. If you’re facing this issue then you don’t need to worry. Here we’ve come to help you. In this post, we’ll tell you some troubleshooting methods to resolve this issue. Let’s get started!

Methods to Fix One AirPod Is Louder Than the Other Issue

  • Clean the Airpods

If your one airpod is louder than the other then you must clean your AirPods. It is the best way to increase the volume of your AirPods. When you clean your AirPods all the dirt and dust will remove from the surface which prevents the sound from coming out. Cleaning your AirPods involves using a soft toothbrush to brush the speaker grills. Take a clean cloth, and wipe it down after each brushing. A cotton swab can also be used to gently clean the speaker grills.

  • Change the Audio Volume

You can adjust the level of the sound through either AirPod in your iPhone setting. Change this setting to ensure that the sound is balanced and not cut to the minimum. By doing this, you can fix the one airpod louder than the other problem. Follow these steps to access this feature on your iPhone or iPad:

  • Open the Settings app and select Accessibility.
  • Now, you have to adjust the AirPods’ audio volume balancing slider between the left and right channels. This is found under the Hearing menu on Audio/Visual. To have an equal loudness of sound, keep it centred.

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  • Update your iPhone software

If your one AirPod is still not working properly then you need to  update your iPhone software. Sometimes outdated versions of software cause many issues and by simply updating the software we can quickly resolve the issues. 

  • Access Settings on your iPhone.
  • After scrolling down select “General.”
  • Then, choose the “Software Update” option.
  • Switch on both Download iOS updates and Install iOS updates.
  • In order to check for updates, select “Back.”
  • Select “Install Now” to start the update if it’s available.

Reset your iPhone 

You can see if your AirPods are actually damaged by the connecting them to another device, like your PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, etc. Once the AirPods are paired, play a song to check the sound. If the AirPods work properly on the second device then you should reset the settings on your iPhone. Here are the steps to reset the settings app on your iPhone:

  • Open the settings app on your iPhone.
  • Choose “General” by scrolling down.  
  • Next, you need to choose “Reset” from the list of options.
  • Lastly, tap on “Reset all settings.”

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