The Top 5 Anime T-Shirts

Anime is one of the most popular sci-fi and fantasy media franchises and it’s also one of the most successful ones too. People love to watch anime and if you are a fan of Japanese animation, this list of the top 5 anime t-shirts  will help you get started! From original anime like lolisaaaaa and boku no asukachan to genre classics like Death Note or Mobile Suit Gundam, there are many different T-Shirts out there that would be a good addition to your existing collection. Whether you’re looking for new T-Shirts from an old collection, or just want something that’s familiar

Lolisaaaaa T-Shirt

This is the classic T-shirt from lolisaaaaa, that has since been repositioned and repackaged as a Newtype T-shirt. If you are a fan of pretty much every type of Japanese clothing, you will love this one. It has everything you need for a perfect summer look, from tank top to cosplay, and it’s probably the best deal right now on both e-tailer and regular TV shirts. Get this T-shirt now!

 Asukachan T-Shirt

This is one of boku no asukachan’s more recent titles. A side story that tells the stories of some of the more notable characters from the series. If you are a fan of defense and survival kind of shows, then this is the perfect T-shirt for you. The back of the T-shirt has a section for the TV shows, making it a true collectors item.  Death Note T-Shirt This is the most popular manga in Japan, and one of the most-read books in the world. If you love reading and watching anime, then this is a perfect stocking stuffer for any anime lover. The Death Note T-shirt is made from high-quality by Sateler fabric, and it’s a lot of clothes for a good price.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00/01 Rebrimstone Cloth Shirt

This is one of the most popular fabric products in the world. And it has since been repositioned as a T-shirt. The fabric used in the design of this shirt is Rebrimstone cloth from Japan. Which can be found at stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Moroso. The design on this shirt is almost identical to the design on the new Gundam FR-20. And it comes with the same adorable Rebrimstone built-in collar!


The Top 5 Animes dye_otoy T-Shirt This shirt is made from 100% cotton, but it’s also been repositioned as a dyesprinted T-shirt. As the gear is being auctioned off through dyeotoy, many people are looking to purchase this shirt as a gift. If you have not tried dyesprinting before, you are in for a great time. The process of dyesprinting and putting the T-shirt on is nothing like you would expect from a traditional company like Saks Fifth Avenue. But it is actually a lot less time-consuming and expensive than you might have ever imagined. The TikTok button and collar design are just One Plus! features, so you know this shirt will be a hit! ## Super Rascal T-Shirt This is the very first T-shirt from T-shirt company, Super Rascal. The company was started by graphic artist Kunio Okamoto in 2006, making this shirt a decade old.

 Boku no Asukachan T-Shirt

This is a classic T-shirt from Boku no Asukachan, a series that ran from 1991 to 2004. If you are a fan of slice of life, or happy-ever-after shows, then this is the perfect T-shirt for you. The front of the t-shirt has a section for the TV Series. Making it more of a collectors item, while still being a profitable product. Back of the t-shirt has a section for the TV Series, making it a true collectable.

 Death Note T-Shirt

This is the only Death Note T-shirt in the world, and it is a lot of clothes for a good price. The design on this one is almost exactly the same as the design on the first Death Note TV series, so you know this one is going to be a hit.


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