How To Study For Your 10th Board Exam 2023?

The class 10th board examination is crucial for a student’s academic career. Therefore, the students must study diligently for the test and score well to get admission to a good college/school. The 10th board examination marks are also considered while getting admission in various streams of the intermediate or equivalent examination.

Until class 10th, the students compete academically with their classmates. However, in the class 10th board examination, numerous students from all over India will compete. In this article, we will share some valuable and practical tips which will help boost your overall score and help you study effectively.

1. In-depth Knowledge About Syllabus & Course Structure

The students should know about their syllabus and course structure in detail. Students should look over their respective board’s latest syllabus, in particular, to point out the crucial topics and chapters and know the mark distribution of each chapter. Moreover, it is advised to highlight the essential topics carrying maximum weightage and revise them properly.

2. Make Your Study Timetable

Constructing a study timetable is essential before starting the preparation for any examination. The study timetable should include all the resources related to your examination, like issued books from your respective board, reference books, last year’s exam papers, etc.

However, gathering all of them can become tedious for some students. Therefore, students should look for a reference book containing all the exam-related questions, previous year questions, and essential topics. If you’re looking for such a book, you can refer to Together With Science Class 10, which contains all the essential topics, questions, and previous year’s material within a single book.

3. Refer To Previous Year’s Question Paper & Issued Sample papers

Students are suggested to go through the previous year’s question papers and sample papers issued by their respective boards to analyze the weightage and importance of the topic. They can also know their own preparation level before the examination. To get a clear insight into topics and their weightage in CBSE science, students can refer to Together With Science Class 10.

Students can set up a timer or watch the clock while solving the question paper to know about their problem analyzing and solving capacity within the time limit mentioned in the question paper.

4. Make Your Notes

Besides covering topics and last year’s question paper from reference books, like Together With Science Class 10, you can try making notes as they are helpful for exam preparation. While making notes, students should prioritize noting the precise information and be able to present it in a presentable manner. Moreover, they can highlight the important topics from their notes. The notes will be most beneficial for the students while the examination is near, as they can revise their whole syllabus quickly in their language. Also, students must make separate and systematic notes of each subject for ease while revising.

5. Don’t Leave Lessons/Topics

It has been seen that most students left some lessons or topics for the end. This student habit may pressure them while revising the whole syllabus. Students should cover all the topics and lessons long before the examination so they have enough time to revise the whole syllabus multiple times.

6. Revision

Refrain from referring to new notes or books just before the examination, as it will confuse you. It is advised to refer to only some new books or notes before the exam, as it can mess up the topics you already cover. It would be best if you concentrated on the topics you considered your weakest ones and should pay more attention to them.

You can simultaneously refer to last year’s papers and the most asked question while revising your notes to understand the paper better. Reference books like Together With Science Class 10 and class 10 English grammar book can help you find the most asked questions and offer a short and simple answer to each question. Also, cover the topics and questions by writing. You have to do a fair amount of writing in the examination hall. Your writing practice will help you complete the examination within a stipulated time, with uniform speed. Moreover, make sure to write the answers neatly and systematically, as it can impress the examiner, resulting to which they can offer you more marks.

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