How to Pack Your Kitchen when Moving to a New Home?

You shouldn’t pack up your house for a move overnight or in a hurry. If you want to pack and move everything well, you need to be careful when you do this. And it’s best to have an excellent moving guide when you’re moving your house. You can take the help of professional packers and movers in Vijayawada on how to pack your kitchen in a way that makes moving easier. With this guide, you won’t have any problems moving your kitchen. Here are some things you should do.

Tips for Packing Your Kitchen with Packers and Movers in Vijayawada

Gather All of Your Packing Items

When you want to pack your things, you first should get all the packing supplies you’ll need to keep your kitchen items from getting broken while they’re in transit. Here is a list of the packing supplies you will need:

  • Sturdy medium-sized boxes and a
  • A lot of tapes
  • Old newspapers
  • Markers
  • Old bedsheets, towels, etc

Prepare Your Boxes

Most things in your kitchen, like your china, glasses, mugs, etc., are fragile and heavy. So, make sure you use sturdy boxes and strong tape to keep these things from breaking or damaging. Seal the bottom of your boxes with heavy-duty tape, so they are ready to be packed. Then, make a layer of old newspapers, bedsheets, etc. This will protect fragile things from bumps while they are being moved. Professional packers and movers in Vijayawada will help you in this matter.

Start by Putting Away Things You Don’t Use Often

You might not use many things in your kitchen daily that can be packed first. These things include mixing bowls, cookbooks, special cooking tools, special plates for serving, framed pictures, wall hangings, and so on.

Pack Glasses of the Same Size Together

If you have big paper and glasses, wrap two glasses that are about the same size. Wrap the paper around the first glass. Once it is safe, put the next glass next to it and keep wrapping.

Fill in the Holes and Cover the Top

After putting your kitchen items in one box, you can use torn pieces of paper to fill in the gaps and cover the top before you seal the box. This will also keep the items from moving inside and breaking while being shipped.

Label Your Boxes

People often forget to label the boxes when moving, which is one of the most important things they should do. Label the boxes as you keep putting things in them. Mark the boxes with the names of the things they hold. So, you won’t waste time opening all the kitchen boxes to try to find your pots and pans.


Moving house is a lot easier and smoother when you know how to pack and move your kitchen items. The kitchen is the most challenging room to pack because it has a lot of big, small, heavy, and fragile things that need to be packed and moved in different ways. Your kitchen stuff should be the last thing you pack and the first thing you unpack. You can pack things you don’t use every day ahead of time. You can also choose to hire professional packers and movers in Vijayawada.

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