Important step for good relations between Afghan government and Russia

Important step for good relations between Afghan government and Russia

KABUL (Daily Pakistan Online) The Taliban government of Afghanistan has signed an agreement with Russia to buy.

wheat and oil from Russia to meet its needs of food and fuel. The concessional wheat deal will provide an opportunity for the Taliban to ease the food shortages of their people.

as well as boost regional trade.
Talking about this, the Minister of Trade and Industry of the Taliban government, Abdul Salam Jawad Akhundzada, said, “Under this agreement, gas, diesel, will be able to come from Russia, but on the basis of low price. We will be able to get it.” This is the biggest formal trade deal the Taliban government has ever signed with a country, just a year after it took office.
Talking to Kabul on the phone, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry said, ‘Preparations are underway so that the delivery of wheat and other goods can be possible. According to him, since the Taliban came to the government. This is the biggest deal. Among them, oil and diesel will be included in the amount of one million tons. While 500,000 tons of petroleum gas will be imported. He said about wheat, it will be 2 million tons and keep coming every year.

It is known that this wheat contract is for an indefinite period. Akhundzada added that there will be several more long-term agreements with the Russian government.
It should be noted that before this agreement, the trade minister of Taliban went to Russia a month ago. In June, the Taliban government signed a deal with Iran for 350,000 tonnes of petroleum products.

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