Iranian President meets Russian counterpart in Samarkand

Iranian President meets Russian counterpart in Samarkand

Iran has signed the Memorandum of Obligations for the everlasting club of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).

Iran turns into a everlasting member in April 2023. On this occasion, the Iranian president stated that the growth of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization will make it less difficult to combat towards the American monopoly and Washington’s hard sanctions.

In a assembly with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the sidelines of this year’s summit of the business enterprise.

in Samarkand, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi stated that many issues might be solved with the aid of using.

the family members among international locations stricken by US sanctions, consisting of Iran and Russia.
Iran implemented for club withinside the business enterprise 15 years ago, which become prevalent closing year. Shanghai Cooperation Organization is the world’s biggest local business enterprise.

The populace of the international locations blanketed withinside the business enterprise is 40% of the world’s overall populace and the blended gross home product of those international locations is 30% of the world.

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