The birthday of a 4-year-old girl became the day of her death

The birthday of a 4-year-old girl became the day of her death

Mansa Mariam Jacob’s birthday turned into her death day when she was found dead on her school bus.

According to international media reports, 4-year-old Indian-origin Qatari Mansa Maryam was a student of Kindergarten. Sugai fell asleep in the bus while going to school.
According to media reports, the school bus driver, unaware of the presence of the girl in the bus.

locked her in the bus and drove away.

After several hours, when the bus driver and conductor returned, they found the young student unconscious in the bus and immediately took her to the hospital.
According to reports, the young student could not withstand the heat and died before reaching the hospital.

On the other hand, the Education Minister of Qatar expressed his condolences to the parents of the young student and assured the investigation of the incident.

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