Former US President Barack Obama’s return to the White House

Former US President Barack Obama's return to the White House

Former US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama appeared at the White House once again.

but this time, both of them appeared in a new and emotional way, out of the tradition.

He was invited as a guest at the official White House portrait ceremony held yesterday.

where he unveiled his portraits by the renowned artist Robert McCurdy.
On this occasion, the former US president seemed to be somewhat angry with artist Robert McCurdy.

during the ceremony, he expressed his displeasure in a very interesting way that made everyone present at the event smile.

The former US president said that Robert McCurdy is indeed a master painter and his fingers spread magic on the canvas. Make it the same, no better, no worse.
Nah joked that if Robert McCurdy wanted, he could have made my gray hair black and ears short, but no he didn’t, instead he painted me in my infamous coat pants, he could have shown me in a pants shirt. They didn’t do it even when I requested it.
He also complained about Robert McCurdy in such a way that the listener heard only the artist’s qualities.

He said that Robert McCurdy is making the picture with his hands and not with the camera, every wrinkle on the face of the person in front of him, all the slits on the clothes make everything perfect.
On this occasion, he also joked with the officials in the White House and expressed his regret, saying that I have received news that many of your officials are now married and raising their families, which is good but No one has named their child ‘Brack’ yet.

The former US president’s light-hearted jokes made the event participants laugh.

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