According to the trump, Joe Biden is an enemy of the state

According to the trump, Joe Biden is an enemy of the state

Donald Trump said that the US President Joe Biden is an enemy of the state.
In Florida on August 8, the FBI raided Trump’s home. In this regard, the Donald Trump in Pennsylvania accused the current government of.

such an example of abuse of power by the United states.
In an address to supporters, the formal President Trump said that Biden is an enemy of the state.

we are trying to save our democracy, the threat to democracy is not from the right but it is from the radical left.
He said that in the raid the Biden administration used third world tactics.

appointed a highly political magistrate the day before the raid.
Donald Trump said that my civil liberties and rights were violated as if our country was third world, raided as if we were a third world nation. They say that my son’s room was searched and my wife’s wardrobes were also searched.
Trump said that, the FBI agents have turned everything upside down, that the department of justice and and the FBI have become evil monsters and are controlled by left-wing extremists, media and lawyers.
The US President Joe Biden said that Trump represents extremism that is a threat to the foundation of democracy.


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