Young parents don’t know how to control children’s screen time, research

Young parents don't know

Modern problems are modern the use of technology is becoming frequent in today’s advanced age.

the use of technology is becoming a major concern for young parents.

In the recent research study, it has been revealed that in the modern era.

parents are facing problems regarding controlling the screen time of children.

In a study published in the journal Human Behavior and Emerging Technology, Australian researchers say that surveyed parents have admitted.

Most parents ignore children’s excessive use of digital devices, leading to other problems. A study of young parents views on digital devices.

the impact their use has on children’s behavior has revealed that children

who use smartphones unnecessarily are more likely to have discussions at home, researchers say.

A total of 281 parents were included in the survey. Out of which 75 percent recorded complaints of mental stress, conflict and family differences.

Parents reported that their children’s use of digital media was leading to less exercise.

excessive gaming, social withdrawal and sleep problems.

The researchers believe that a major problem is the lack of standardized guidelines for parents.

with conflicting advice adding to the confusion of parents.

Research has shown that there is a need to educate and train parents. how to control their children’s use of smartphones.

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