How to make your teeth shine without toothpaste?

How to make your teeth shine without toothpaste?

Bright white teeth are an important part of everyone’s personality, a new study has revealed that toothpaste .

only removes stains from the surface of the teeth, it has no role in whitening it further.

In view of this problem, scientists have now developed a gel that can help whiten teeth safely.

which is named hydrogel. Experts claim that this gel whitens the teeth without damaging.

the enamel on the surface of the teeth, it is prepared with a combination of three chemical ingredients.

This mixture is applied on the surface of the teeth and then sprayed with calcium chloride, which turns the mixture into a gel and cleans the teeth.

This gel easily cleans deep stains such as coffee, tea, blueberry juice and soy sauce without damaging enamel, and also kills 94% of bacteria.

The researchers say that this gel makes teeth whiter and brighter as well as prevents cavities.

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