Eating grapes increases longevity

Eating grapes increases longevity

A healthy lifestyle can go a long way in preventing chronic diseases.

In a study, it has been revealed that consuming about two cups of grapes.

the diet prolongs human life by reducing the fat in the liver.

To find out the benefits of consuming grapes, rats fed a high-fat diet.

given daily grape pomace resulted in less fat on the liver of the mice . lived longer than the other mice.
In fact, consumption of grapes along with a high-fat diet increases the levels of antioxidant genes.

which slows down natural death.The research, published in the series journal Food.

conducted under the guidance of John Pizzotto, dean of the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

This study determined whether grapes could counteract the effects of a high-fat Western diet.
Professor Dean John Pizzoto says that the change revealed in the research will be related to the increase in human life by 4 to 5 years.

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