Vladimir Putin’s Unique Offer to Women

Vladimir Putin's Unique Offer to Women

Russian President Vladimir Putin has offered money to women for having 10 or more children in order to increase the country’s population.

According to foreign media reports, Vladimir Putin’s announcement has said that the state will also award the woman who has 10 or more children with the honorary title of ‘Mother Heroine’.
A scheme announced by Vladimir Putin has been approved by the government, restoring the Soviet-era honorary title of ‘Mother Heroine’ and giving women a hefty sum for having 10 or more children.

According to media reports, according to Putin’s announcement, mothers who give birth to 10 children will be given 13,500 hundred pounds per child for upbringing.
According to foreign media reports, Russia is currently facing a population decline, which has further declined rapidly following the global pandemic, the Corona Virus, and the invasion of Ukraine.

On the other hand, Russian experts are calling this effort as disappointing.

Commenting on the initiative, Dr. Mathers said that Russian President Putin believes that people who have large families are more patriotic.
Several quarters of the announcement say the move comes after the highest number of reported cases of the coronavirus in recent years and the death of nearly 50,000 Russian soldiers in the war with Ukraine, to fill the gap.

Russian experts say that this is clearly an attempt to encourage Russian women to have more children and have bigger families.

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